Street Combat Arnis UK

Street Combat Arnis UK


Fitness developed and tested by Fitness Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers and Martial Artists!

Your typical fitness program fails to live up to the expectation of most martial artists:

Combat is made up of short, sharp, high-intensity bursts of activity SCA utilise martial arts conditioning to improve fitness, reactions, sparring finesse and overall well being. The philosophy of many martial arts instructors is “you don’t have time to warm up in a fight” so why bother with fitness.....our philosophy is train hard, train smart and train often to ensure you have the conditioning to see you through the adrenalin dump you’ll face.

The warrior fitness training method is  a culmination of my training in Combat Sombo, Kickboxing, Hapkido and Filipino Dumog groundfighting. The warrior method is written about at length by Martin Rooney a prominent MMA fitness coach. In short you partner up and perform a number of old school techniques such as fireman lifts, wheelbarrow runs, back carries and drags. Then onto the singular floor techniques which all feed into fight ready fitness. Ending with group training techniques to give the body its final challenge check a couple of vids, here and here!

The other challenges you will face at the club are MMA circuits, bag work, skipping, getting in shape for sparring, groundwork sparring, boxing sparring, stick sparring and finally multi discipline sparring